Tribal Alliance of Nations of the Washitaw, Shaykamaxum, Original Cherokee, Choctaw, Seminole, Shushuni, Creek, Apache, Commanche, Muscogee, Osage, Mechica, and Yamassee, under the aegis of the Camp Holmes Treaty of 1835 (7 Stat. 474). 

Pennsylvania Sec.Of State,Apostille#201300915,14,13    Treaty Nation Affiliation No. Washitaw Nation Ref #215/93

    Mission Statement : To unify, to unite in unison;                    united we stand, divided we fall.

Shaykamaxum Atlan-Amexem Empire (Al Moroc) 
500 Cedar Delaware Village
Shaykamaxum Province, Al Morco Atlan Amexem, NW

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [19144]

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This Empire  of establishment dates back to 500 BC, under King IIuda, and now this Royal Family which of Noble Decedents of that great Empire of old on this land. The Supreme Court of the United States by its own ruling pursuant to, Johnson and Graham Leese v.Macintosh, that the said Federal, State, local or Municipal governments cannot question Royal Family, Members National Titles or Sustain one incompatible with it Rex ( King ) IIuba II, { descendant of the Poenicium Muur Suffete Hanno Bai, whose Epigraphical Deed—Lawful Document dating back to 500 B.C.E. inscribed on the Bourne Stone of Komassakumkanit Cape Code Bay, Massachussetts, Annexing the Americas to the Iberian Peninsula and Beyond } Ruler of the Greater Imperium Maurusium ( Muur Empire ),

It is Further; mentioned, and Documented that the evidence to the Lawful effect of North America(Amexem Al Moroc Continent) belonging to the Muur King IIuba II, Hanno Bai and their Muur Descendant, Sultan Seyyidi Ibn Abd‘Allah Mohammed XVII and his Heirs, may be evincely  seen in Document no. 66 Foreign Relations—3rd Congress 1st Session December 16th, 1793 C.E., appropriated by the Senate of the United States for Recognition of the 1786 Treaty of Amity,1787 Treaty of Peace & Friendship, and other related Acts and treaties. The Muur/Indigenous/Original Dominion in the America’s whose true name is Amexem Al-Moroc NW.

A glance, a glimpse into our past , the present and the future 

 The presence of Aboriginal tribes in continental America before the arrival of alien explorers, adventurers, fortune-seekers, buccaneers, and others with different commissions, missions and visions is well documented in anthropological, maritime, oceanographic, sociological, historical and political records.

 Aboriginals were dubbed “Indians” because of a geographical miscalculation by Christoffa Corombo, a.k.a. Cristoforo Colombo, a.k.a. Cristobal Colon, a.k.a Christopher  Columbus. The Chinese maintain they discovered America and Australia circa 1421. See Gavin Menzies, 1421: The Year China Discovered The World (London: Bantam Books, 2003). Also see “Chinese Maritime Hero Commemorated,” China Daily, 30 August 2005; and Geoff Wade, “Don’t Be Deceived: Our History Really is Under Serious Attack,” Canberra Times, 27 April 2006.

 Evidence of nationalistic proclivities and the brooding omnipresence of statehood sentiments became worrisome to the early British colonial government as the American colonials became restless and uneasy over the British Parliament’s excesses. As early as 1763, the Royal Proclamation of King George III, made clear reference to the sanctity of Aboriginal Peoples and their lands. The 1787 Northwest Ordinance also made a strong commitment concerning aboriginal lands.

 The United States Constitution conveniently left the Aboriginals out of its jurisdiction  and covenant except for Article 1, section 2, clause 3; and Article 1, section 8, clause 3 (The Commerce Clause) perhaps because the founders and framers realized and recognized inherent Aboriginal sovereignty which may have been the reason Aboriginals were not represented in any Congress of the United States. Aboriginal sovereignty predates the United States Constitution of 1789. This was followed by the 1790 Indian Non-Intercourse Act which forbade anyone from dealing with Aboriginals absent congressional approval and federal government consent. The 1820s saw the gradual elimination of Aboriginals commensurate with the active political will of Andrew Jackson in genocidal measures he adopted. Hitler and Pol Pot had a lot of history to support their maniacal thirst for blood. The turn of the century brought the Progressives into prominence and the concept of laissez-faire resulting in the Great Crash of 1929 followed by the Great Depression.

 In 1934, during the dark and gloomy days of the Great Depression, the Indian Reorganization Act was passed recognizing the fact that Aboriginal lands were indiscriminately appropriated. 1934 is crucial because there were many who felt the wrath of God unleashed upon a greedy government obsessed with territorial expansion and impelled by an acute sense for monetary gain. In 1968, the Indian Civil Rights Act was passed finally recognizing the Aboriginals as People who mattered in the American conscience. In 1994, the Indian Self-Determination Act became a shining sentinel for the sovereignty, supremacy and suzerainty of Aboriginal Americans over their affairs.

 The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, New York, 13 September,2007, click here, created a definite voice for the Aboriginal Cause, Case and Course.  Various Aboriginal-friendly US Supreme Court decisions have been handed down as the law of the land. It is still not clear whether we are under the obedience to the rule of law, or at the whim and fancy of the law of rules. Nontribal courts have thousands upon thousands of pages of rules far exceeding substantive law.

 Fortunately, a federal law styled as Public Law 97-280, 96 Stat.1211 of 1982 declared the Holy Bible as the Word of God. It would be fair to extrapolate and say that disobeying the Word of God is tantamount to breaking a federal law. Shari law has made some significant inroads into our constitutional concept of religious freedom.  Whether there will be meaningful and adequate enforcement of this federal law is yet to be evidenced. Aboriginal police forces may be of great assistance and value to any and all enforcement measures.

 Please review the The Shaykamaxum Atlan-Amexem Empire (Al Moroc),for an anthropological  and historical prospective.  

 The Aboriginal Manifesto  outlines our aims, objectives and goals for a better future of the coming generations of Aboriginals who can positively contribute towards making America an ideal haven for the pursuit of happiness through the Will of God. This generation of Aboriginals have been entrusted with the task of rebuilding our lost heritage and hope. We must grasp this baton of responsibility in firm hands to make a difference in the governance of our affairs as a sovereign people. We cannot look back, only upward, forward, and onward for the omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient Spiritual Guidance.




 Supreme Grand Chief IIudah Abrahim Bey Isra’el




                                                            ******** DISCLAIMER********** 
All Papal Bulls, All Noir Codes, All Non-intercourse Acts, and All Penal Codes does not apply based on Human Rights Violations and Restraint in Trade.